Canadian BCC Conference Follow up: Rejoicing in What God is Doing in Canada

Betty-Anne Van Rees

Betty-Anne Van Rees

This was a unique opportunity for Canadians. While some have pursued training in biblical counselling or have read books on biblical counselling topics, there have been few opportunities to talk to others who are also pursuing this type of ministry training. Many connections were made, and we are already hearing that those relationships are being effectively used by God for mutual edification and encouragement. Continue reading

Canadian Biblical Counselling Coalition Update

Betty-Anne Van Rees

Betty-Anne Van Rees

As an organization, our vision is two-fold. We are committed, by the grace of God, to seeing the biblical counseling movement united and advancing in Canada. We believe that along with that goal, we ought to be promoting the practice of speaking God’s truth in love within the entire church family. We are passionate about promoting personal growth, centred on the person of Christ through the public and personal ministry of the Word. Continue reading

Organizing Biblical Counselling in Canada

Betty-Anne Van Rees

Betty-Anne Van Rees

God is orchestrating some really neat relationships and partnerships across the biblical counselling movement in Canada. As part of this advancement the Canadian Biblical Counselling Coalition (CBCC) is beginning to be established. We look forward to sharing more information about how we hope to serve the Canadian church in the months to come. Continue reading

Developing a Biblical Theology of Emotions

Richard Walton

2014 BC in Canada Series--Developing a Biblical Theology of Emotions

Often when reflecting on the Psalms, I think through the emotions cycled through in our lives. These progressions can be filled with moments of grief, anger, and frustration. Mundane moments are inculcated with resounding loneliness. Spontaneous moments can be flooded with tears. God speaks into all these areas of our lives. Continue reading

Being Connected

Karen Gaul

2014 BC in Canada Series--Being Connected

God has called us to be united, to know that we are part of something bigger than just ourselves. Because I believe that to be true when I recently read an article on the BCC blog about whether it is good or necessary to be part of the biblical counseling movement I would answer that it is vital. It is vital to our credibility, vital to accountability, vital to our ongoing training, and vital to unity amongst us all. Continue reading