Canadian Biblical Counselling Coalition Update

February 13, 2017

God Has Mulitiplied Our Efforts Immeasurably

The Canadian Biblical Counseling Coalition is a real thing! You have heard about our fledgling efforts in earlier posts (here and here). Though we are still in a place of beginnings, it’s a more developed beginning than it was before.  We’re excited.

As an organization, our vision is two-fold. We are committed, by the grace of God, to seeing the biblical counseling movement united and advancing in Canada. We believe that along with that goal, we ought to be promoting the practice of speaking God’s truth in love within the entire church family. We are passionate about promoting personal growth, centred on the person of Christ through the public and personal ministry of the Word.

The Canadian church has limited teaching regarding biblical counseling, so we are praying the Lord will unite like-minded men and women to advance this ministry and display His strength in the members of His church.  Our current phase could be labeled: “We are finding each other,” as each week, we are meeting more and more individuals and churches who have an interest in biblical counseling or who are already walking in faithful biblical counseling ministry.  We truly believe that God’s church is most effectively served when we stand side by side each other in a concerted effort.

What Have We Been Up To?

In recent months, we have continued to work behind the scenes in a number of ways to fulfill the mandate we believe God has given us. Our website is up and running. Please check it out and give us your feedback – we’d love to know what content would bless you and the ministry you are called to ( Additionally, we’ve worked toward incorporation, networking, and most significantly, planning a conference. We are looking forward with great anticipation to hosting our guests at our first annual conference, Gospel Conversations: Let’s Talk Purity, on February 23rd and 24th.

Gospel Conversations: Let’s Talk Purity

With the aforementioned driving forces shaping our ministry, we have invited Michael Leister from Germany to speak on the topic of purity. He will be addressing sexual impurity which, as you know, has become a growing concern in the church today. Because we recognize that this is the fruit of hearts that do not long for God purely, Michael will lead us in discussions that will aim at transforming hearts for the purpose of transformed living.

We are delighted about those who have already made plans to attend. Some are shepherds by vocation, and others are shepherds by virtue of their calling to minister to their brothers and sisters. Probably our greatest delight comes from the fact that there are a couple of churches with more than a half dozen registered. Because we long to see the ethos of the church transformed into a living, loving community, this gets us really excited!

Can we invite you to join us in prayer as we prepare? We are asking:

  • that God will continue to raise up people who will share our vision and passion to see the community of the church transformed.
  • that we as a Board will walk humbly with our God so that He might lead us with clarity and we would follow without wavering.
  • for life-giving messages at the conference and hearts that will respond tenderly to Living Water so that the church is edified and expanded and God is glorified.
  • that conference participants will leave feeling nourished and strengthened in the Lord to serve Him in their respective communities by learning to speak the truth in love–and form a vision for their church families to do the same.
  • for travel friendly weather! It’s southern Ontario in February.

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