The Canadian Biblical Counselling Coalition: An Update

August 24, 2016

Who Are We?

A small group of Canadians who long to see God’s church in Canada grow in confidence in Him and His written Word have been seeking God together to discern how we can best serve the church in this regard. Together we believe He has led us to form the Canadian Biblical Counselling Coalition—the genesis of a network that we pray He will grow.

As the Board of Directors of the Canadian Biblical Counselling Coalition we have sought to be as geographically and denominationally diverse as possible. Although we recognize that we still have work to do in order to fully represent the Canadian church well, we currently represent both official languages, have one member from each coast and several from the provinces in between. The group consists of both pastors and counselors.

Canadian Biblical Counseling Coalition-Board

Shaping Our Identity and Direction

In setting the course for our efforts, we have adopted much of the work of the BCC in their statements, though we have made some changes where we felt it was necessary to reflect our passions and priorities.

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Our Mission
To promote excellence and unity in biblical counseling through effective discipleship, balanced and truthful application of biblical wisdom and compassionate and wise outreach for the hurting and lost.
To serve churches and leaders through promoting the awareness and advancement of biblical counselling in Canada.
To foster collaborative relationships among those practicing or interested in practicing biblical counselling in Canada.
To promote biblical counselling resources.

Our Vision
To unite and advance the biblical counseling movement in Canada.
For the entire church to grow in the practice of speaking God’s truth in love.

Our Passion
Promoting Personal Change
Centered on the Person of Christ
Through the Public and Personal Ministry of the Word

What Are We Currently Up To?

  • Our website is under construction (you can check it out here,and we are in the beginning stages of planning our first conference for early in 2017.
  • Although we believe we have discerned how we might help the Canadian church, we are also in the process of planning and inviting leaders to regional town hall discussions to gain insight into their experiences.
  • More than anything, we desire to be used of God to fan into flame the work He is doing in the hearts and lives of others who share our conviction regarding His sufficiency to meet people and offer hope in the midst of real problems.
  • We are networking with others around the world who are working for the same purposes in their countries. The BCC Global Summit was a significant catalyst for creating a synergy that benefits us together.

We are praying. We recognize that we are merely conduits for God’s glory and anything truly valuable that might be accomplished through us will happen because He has fueled it with His wisdom and power so we seek Him to know His leading.  We would welcome your prayers on our behalf.

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