Organizing Biblical Counselling in Canada

May 27, 2016

God is orchestrating some really neat relationships and partnerships across the biblical counselling movement in Canada.  As part of this advancement the Canadian Biblical Counselling Coalition (CBCC) is beginning to be established. We look forward to sharing more information about how we hope to serve the Canadian church in the months to come. Recently a few of us spent some time together discussing some of the fundamentals of biblical counselling. The linked video is part of the outcome of those conversations. In this clip, you will hear a dialogue among Wendy Bowman, Nathan Penny, and myself. Wendy and Nathan are a couple of the board members of the Canadian Biblical Counselling Coalition.

BCC Staff: To hear more from Betty-Anne Van Rees, we urge you to participate in the Global Summit, June 5-7, 2016. Go to the Summit’s website ( to register. You can participate one site or online. We hope you can join us!

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