Why Women Counselors Should Study Theology

Caroline Newheiser

Caroline Newheiser

This past week I have been privileged to sit in a Systematic Theology class taught by Kevin de Young at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am a counseling student learning theology. The class read 685 pages of Francis Turretin’s Institutes of Elenctic Theology, published in 1679. Is the study of God an important part of the counseling curriculum? Should women even study theology? Why should anyone read systematic theology books written long ago? Shouldn’t we just love Jesus? Continue reading

Got Depression? Take Every Thought Captive!

Taking every thought captive moves a counselee toward hope, especially while facing depression. Today’s guest blogger is Joshua Waulk, the Founder and Executive Director of Baylight Counseling, a nonprofit biblical counseling ministry in Clearwater, Florida.  “I’m stuck, and I feel like God’s nowhere to be found.” “I can’t get over how they treated me—like I’m something…

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