Building Your Marriage Together

MARRIAGE: When marriage hurts, you may wonder if you’re destined for continual disagreement and dissatisfaction. Or is their a path forward, together? Discover how you and your spouse can lead together while respecting God-designed roles in marriage. Your path forward is a plan on where and how to lead your home. Leading Together? Often we equate leadership…

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Divine Power

Jason Ho

Jason Ho

I recently rented a car with a clutchless-manual transmission. Having never driven one of these, I lurched and groaned along in first gear wondering why the non-existent automatic transmission wasn’t kicking in. Once I figured out how this semi-automatic transmission worked, I was quickly on my way.

Often our counselees are like this. They learn about their hearts and their idols; they understand what thought, attitudes, desires, and actions need to be put off and put on. Yet they lurch and groan along. Continue reading