Hurt by Someone in Authority?

Authority figures–whether fathers, husbands, church elders, government leaders, or employers–influence women’s lives. How we women respond to them reveals our hearts. This article by counselor Julie Ganschow appeared first here on her website and is used with permission.  When Authority Figures Disappoint Us As Christian women, we function in a world that is watching to see…

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Pride Still Matters in Ministry

Andy Farmer

Andy Farmer

I just came back from a week of teaching biblical counseling to a group of pastors-in-training. Some are church planters; some will be serving as staff pastors; some are awaiting assignment. It was a privilege and joy to work with them on both the theology and the practical ministry of biblical counseling, and they were eager and grateful for the training. There are times when ministry is really fulfilling, and this was one of those times. Continue reading