Helping an In-law Accept Your Fiance (or Spouse)

Helping an IN-LAW: Sometimes parents have concerns about their adult child’s choice of spouse, and they need to show grace. But showing grace can be downright difficult, right? Guest writer Dr. Howard Eyrich shares the issues and solutions regarding prospective in-laws in this article. It appeared first here, on the Biblical Counseling Coaltion website and…

The post Helping an In-law Accept Your Fiance (or Spouse) appeared first on Biblical Counseling Center.

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Teen Discipline vs. Punishment

Ellen Castillo

Ellen Castillo

Parents, you want me to change your child’s behavior. This is why you have brought her to counseling. She is driving you nuts with her meltdowns and defiance. You tell me that she is needy, attention-seeking, and unwilling to trust God. You are at your wit’s end, having tried every form of punishment you can think of. And still, there is no change. Continue reading