Communication Guidelines

13 guidelines, provided by Timothy Keller, for godly communication, backed up by their scriptural basis, reminding of the various areas that can be worked on for improvement. Continue reading

For Parents of a Prodigal: Hope through the Pain

Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw

Parenting pain is deep and real when a child rebels to the point of prodigal living. There are a plethora of sound biblical resources available to hurting parents and some are listed here. The BCC is a great place to start looking for people resources, book resources, and hope from Jesus Christ and His Word of Truth. Biblical counseling within the Body of Christ has exploded all over the nation and there are lots of people willing to walk graciously with you down this hurting path of parenting a prodigal. Readers are encouraged to not walk alone. Continue reading

CDC1-07. How Do People Change? 1 {Transcript}

Counseling is about helping people to change. The change biblical counselors seek is unique and unbiblical approaches to change will impede spiritual growth. This session explores how change begins by understanding and applying the Gospel. Understanding our union with Christ is the key to growth in holiness. Continue reading

Reformed Parenting

Many parents struggle with guilt and confusion over how to train their children. Old-school parenting books emphasized discipline derived from the exhortations in Proverbs. The book of wisdom was used to chastise the foolishness out of children. The next generation of parenting books suggested that parents should go beyond controlling their children’s wayward behavior and …

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CDC1-17. Fear {Transcript}

The Bible says we are to fear God. Fear can also be an appropriate response to real potential dangers. Fear becomes sinful when we fear men more than God and we fail to trust God. What are some proper and healthy manifestations of fear? What are indications that fear has become sinful? Continue reading