Hurt by Someone in Authority?

Authority figures–whether fathers, husbands, church elders, government leaders, or employers–influence women’s lives. How we women respond to them reveals our hearts. This article by counselor Julie Ganschow appeared first here on her website and is used with permission.  When Authority Figures Disappoint Us As Christian women, we function in a world that is watching to see…

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4 Ways to Help an Overly Sensitive Wife

Andrea Lee

Andrea Lee

Touchy. Moody. Easily Offended. Has your husband ever said this about you? Does he walk on eggshells around you or fear you will misinterpret his comments? Are you overly sensitive to his assessment of your performance or character? Continue reading

A Husband’s Desire for Honor, pt. 2

Read A Husband’s Desire for Honor, pt. 1. The Solution to the Desire for Human Honor So what are the solutions to Tyler’s desire for honor from his wife? How can the cross of Christ help Tyler to live in a way that pleases God and seeks to receive God’s honor versus the honor of… Read More» Continue reading

A Husband’s Desire for Honor, pt. 1

Tyler and Mary are in another familiar conflict. Mary is reminding Tyler how he never listens to her and is only concerned about his own schedule and life. He has scheduled another out of town meeting in three weeks, completely forgetting that she had planned for the two of them to get away together. Mary… Read More» Continue reading

How Do I Enjoy My Spouse?

Andrew Rogers

Marriage Mini-Series - How Do I Enjoy My Spouse

You’re reading the second of a special BCC Grace & Truth blog mini-series on marriage—timed to coincide with the week of Valentine’s Day. Today’s post is by Andrew Rogers: How Do I Enjoy My Spouse? Continue reading