The Meaning of Wedding Vows

Howard Eyrich

Howard Eyrich

Several years ago, someone told me the story of a young couple in another city. The wife, in her early 30’s, was informed that she had breast cancer. The evening before her mastectomy her husband came by her hospital room. He did not touch her. He simply said, “I cannot live with a breastless woman. I will be filing for a divorce.” When I was told this tragic story, I questioned it. My informant assured me that it was a true story.

What a contrast to my friends Jim and Jane (not their real names) who are walking through a very difficult time with Jane suffering from a malignant brain tumor. Continue reading

Psychology, Sexual Attraction, and Scripture

Mystery surrounds dating and romance. How do people fall in love? Why are certain people attracted to each other? How can someone become desirable? A recent article from Psychology Today called “The Laws of Attraction” by Wendy Paris touches on these topics. The article’s subheading reads “Who we desire is driven by…

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When You Stop Talking (to God and Others)

David Robinson

David Robinson

Biblical counseling allows for very honest conversations to be fostered in a safe, truthful, gracious, and raw environment.

And as much as we enjoy the sentiments of that first sentence, many say, “I no longer have those conversations – I have stopped talking to God and I’m certainly not going to share with others. In fact, these conversations bring fear and despair. I’ve stopped talking.” Continue reading