Friday’s 5 to Live By

November 15, 2013

Friday's Five To Live By 2012

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Friday's Five To Live By 2012

Each Friday our BCC staff links you to the top five biblical counseling and Christian living blog posts of the week—posts that provide robust, rich, and relevant insights for living.

4 Elements of a True Gospel Witness

If you were to select the four most important elements of a gospel witness, what would you include? J.D. Greear examined gospel witness in Acts and found these Four Elements of a True Gospel Witness.

Top 250 Christian Blog Sites

Check out Jared Moore’s collation of The Top 250 Christian Blogs.

Jay Cutler and Pastoral Ministry

Perhaps only Bob Kellemen would compare Jay Cutler and pastoral ministry. See how and why he did so in How Criticism of Jay Cutler is Like Criticism of Pastors.

Developing a Biblical Philosophy of Ministry

Tim Lane begins a series of posts on developing a biblical philosophy of ministry. Read his introduction to this blog series at Real Life in the Local Church.

5 Ways to Grace Your Workplace

At the Gospel-Centered Discipleship site, Nick Abraham shares 5 Ways to Grace Your Workplace.

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Which post impacted you the most? Why? What blog posts have you enjoyed this week that you want to share with others?