Reading Scripture to Change Your Life

Scripture is a life-changing love letter. Counselor Donna Hart, PhD, experiences this personally as she reads the Bible for understanding and transformation. Do you desire life transformation too? Donna’s article appeared first here on her website and is used with permission. A while back, I attended a women’s theology conference where Ruth Haley Barton spoke of…

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What’s the Secret to Change?

Have you ever had the experience while counseling where you’ve shown your counselees how the Scriptures apply to their everyday life week after week, but then they look in at you in frustration and essentially say, “What’s the secret? What are you not telling me? Why isn’t this working?” Or perhaps you’ve had that in… Read More» Continue reading

5 Foundational Spiritual Disciplines of Biblical Counselors

Shannon Kay McCoy

Shannon Kay McCoy

Biblical counselors are unique gifts to the church who have a passion to understand who God is and how He works in our lives. However, biblical counselors are only as useful as their growing relationship with the Lord. In order to effectively counsel others biblically, the biblical counselor must possess at least five foundational spiritual disciplines: dependence on the Holy Spirit, dependence on praying, dependence on God’s Word, dependence on worship, and dependence on church fellowship. Continue reading

Friday’s 5 to Live By



Friday's 5 To Live By

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