Adelante! Adelante!

Kevin Hurt

Kevin Hurt

Three days before reaching the New World, the crew begged him to turn back, fearing if they went farther they couldn’t catch enough wind to return to Spain before running out of food and water. But Christopher Columbus had one word for his faltering men: Adelante! Adelante! — Onward! Onward! Continue reading

Thankful in All Things

Joe Keller

Joe Keller

As we reflect upon the goodness in our lives with thanksgiving, let us also, with joy, reflect upon how God gives us good things even in the midst of hard things. Continue reading

Help for the Hills

Keri Seavey

I ran today! I haven’t run in a long time. I knew I had to pace myself or I would never finish the few miles that I set out to run. As I started out, I thought, “This isn’t so … Continue reading

Asking God Why

Laura Hendrickson

When my son, Eric, was young, I asked God many times why he was born with autism. I wondered: why me? And why Eric? Why Did I Have to Suffer? I wanted to know why other mothers got to have … Continue reading