Unlovable Family Member? What to Do!

The problem: the UNLOVABLE person in your family! Today’s guest blogger, Julie Ganschow, director of Reigning Grace Counseling Center, gives practical insight on how to love the hard-to-love family member, even a child or parent. You can Julie’s blog here. Plenty of you live with someone who is difficult to love. They may be cranky, obstinate, frustrating,…

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God Loves to Make Families

Aaron Menikoff

This short and simple Bible study is for the children of divorce who are getting ready for one of their parents to remarry. I wrote it because kids who have suffered through divorce inevitably have mixed feelings about remarriage. They … Continue reading

Wonderful Challenges of Parenting

Andrew Rogers

• As parents, we have particular challenges because we have been blessed with children. We face certain challenges as we strive to reach the biblical directive of Ephesians 6:4, to “bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” Three of these wonderful challenges are described in the form of general guidelines we ought to keep in mind as we look for practical suggestions to flesh out the biblical mandate found in Ephesians 6:4. Continue reading