God’s Counsel About Counseling Youth

Rick Horne

Proverbs is about easy sex, easy money, good and bad friendships, beauty, fear of what others think of me, careless lending, laziness and work, pleasure and pain, impetuous angry reactions, unguarded careless speech, a good or bad reputation. The list goes on and on. Pithy statements about hundreds of life experiences that concern young adults and God’s wisdom for them all: that’s Proverbs. Proverbs is a young adults’ book. Continue reading

A Parent’s Role in Counseling Teenagers

Ellen Castillo

Ellen Castillo

There is a spiritual battle raging for the hearts and souls of our youth. Cynicism gives the enemy a victory. Hope defeats the enemy! Teens need to know that you are in their court and that you love them and so does God. They need to know that you believe in their potential to follow Christ (1 Timothy 4:12). Continue reading