5 Reasons the Resurrection Brings Hope

RESURRECTION: As Easter Sunday approaches, have you wondered about the resurrection of Jesus Christ? How does the resurrection bring you hope? This article by counselor Lucy Ann Moll, a doctoral student in biblical counseling, appeared first at her website and is used with permission. Hope is something God knows all of us needs. Aren’t we…

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Friday’s 5 to Live By



Friday's 5 To Live By

Each Friday our BCC staff links you to the top five biblical counseling and Christian living blog posts of the week—posts that provide robust, rich, and relevant insights for living. Easter Reflections On this Good Friday, Pastor Kevin Carson provides … Continue reading


Kyle Johnston

Kyle Johnston

Easter 2014--Theospection

Engaging in focused times of prayer, fasting, reading, or reflection can be very helpful—for both counselors and counselees. However, there’s one very subtle danger involved in any time of reflection in which we are seeking renewal, and it’s this: renewal is not the result of introspection but theospection. Continue reading