Friday’s 5 to Live By



Friday's 5 To Live By

Each Friday our BCC staff links you to the top 5 biblical counseling and Christian living blog posts of the week—posts that provide robust, rich, and relevant insights for living. Continue reading

Fighting Porn in the Local Church

Deepak Reju

Deepak Reju

Local Church Series - Fighting Porn in the Local Church

An epidemic has broken out among our generation. Pornography is ravaging the church, much like a spark that turns into a blazing forest fire. We have a huge problem on our hands. Many pastors are overwhelmed with everything it takes to shepherd a church, so they can’t possibly be expected to also handle this problem without help. Continue reading

Adultery and Counseling in the Local Church

Jonathan Holmes

Local Church Series - Adultery and Counseling in the Local Church

There is probably not a heartache and counseling scenario that you dread hearing more than that of adultery and marital infidelity. The initial shock of revelation, the subsequent stages of grief, disbelief, surprise, and anger coupled with the continuing on of day-to-day life presents what humanly appears to be a nearly impossible situation. What is the role of the local church, and specifically the role of counselors in the church to help in such a situation? Is the church a place and a people where the adulterer and victim of adultery can find hope and healing for their marriage? Continue reading

Conviction: Vital for Biblical Counseling in the Local Church

Andrew Rogers

Local Church Series - Conviction - Vital for Biblical Counseling in the Local Church

Training counselors who are properly motivated is a great joy. Conviction to counsel is a vital ingredient for counseling in the local church. We must help the church see that counseling one another is an essential ministry of the church, a natural outgrowth of our love for God, and our desire to please, honor, and glorify Him. Continue reading