CCEF – 2017 Annual Conference – Family

December 21, 2016

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Family: Embracing the Blessing, Facing the Brokenness

Family is the formative human context for our lives. Every one of us arrives in life as a son or daughter. You may be a brother or sister, a mother or father, a grandchild or grandparent, an uncle or aunt. You may be single or married, widowed or divorced, orphaned or adopted. But whatever your role or roles, you are inescapably a member of family.

Family at its best can be a place of intimacy and trust, a place of knowing and being known, where you are loved despite your faults and failings, where you are supported through the hardest times. Family at its worst can be a place of betrayal or neglect, where you experience disconnect, isolation, rejection, the sting of shame.

These realities of goodness and of brokenness can be so tangled together that it’s hard to make sense of what family is and ought to be. How do we live well in our particular families? How do we love well, and help others to love well, in a context that always comes with challenges?

The Bible is no stranger to the complexities. There is not a single family in all of Scripture that is held up as an idealized role model! And the God of Scripture—our Father, his beloved Son, the Spirit of childlike faith—is committed to teach us gratitude for the good things and ways of engaging the bad things.

At CCEF’s 2017 national conference, we will look carefully at how Christ illumines both our understanding of and our engagement in our relationships.

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