Endorsements for Scripture and Counseling

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“Robert Jones says it well, ‘The Bible does not merely inform our counseling…the Bible drives our counseling.’ I believe he is exactly correct. The contributors to Scripture and Counseling encourage, teach and show us how this happens as we pursue and develop a robust biblical strategy in ministry to hurting, confused and broken people. The book is obviously comprehensive! It is also well-written. I suspect it will become a standard resource in the field of Biblical Counseling.”

—Dr. Daniel L. Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC

“What role does the Word of God play in counseling? This is a crucial and often energetically debated question in the Church and among counselors. The contributors to Scripture and Counseling have carefully, thoughtfully, and helpfully explored both how to think about the Bible in counseling and how to use the Bible in counseling. I commend this significant work to anyone who looks to Scripture to help people make sense of life in a broken world.”

—Jack Delk, Pastor for Counseling, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN

“Scripture and Counseling is not just a book about Scripture, but a book about how to apply Scripture to our lives and in our ministries to others in manner that will lead us to function as God intended resulting in God’s glory, and our ultimate good. This will be an extremely helpful tool for people who want to apply the Word of God in their counseling ministry in an efficient and effective manner.”

—Dr. Nicolas Ellen Professor of Biblical Counseling at the College of Biblical Studies

“Scripture and Counseling is both theologically robust and pastorally helpful. On its pages you will find a lively discussion that will bring you up to speed on the conversation taking place among contemporary biblical counseling.”

—J.D. Greear, Pastor, The Summit Church

“When it comes to diagnosing and solving life’s issues, a biblical counselor is someone who is committed to the sufficiency of God’s Word found in the Bible, rather than the wisdom of man found in psychology. But what does that practically mean? How would you know the difference? In Scripture and Counseling, God's Word for Life in a Broken World, the authors have masterfully brought this issue, and this much debated topic in the counseling world, to the forefront. The authors’ collaborative work and thorough scholarship will lead you, whether you are a pastor, biblical counselor, or psychologist, to settle what you believe and practice in your counseling ministry. This is a must read.”

—Dr. Kevin E. Hurt, Senior Pastor, Grace Bible Church

“Conviction and competence are key ingredients to caring well for the souls of others. All followers of Christ must have a growing conviction that God’s Word is sufficient and a growing competence in how to use it to care for one another. By providing a sound theology of Scripture and a thorough approach to using God’s Word, Scripture and Counseling is an indispensable resource for helping believers grow in both conviction and competence.”

—Andrew Rogers, Pastor of Soul Care, College Park Church, Indianapolis, IN2

“Scripture and Counseling offers the Christian an apologetic for the Bible’s sufficiency for the care of souls and then demonstrates it through common yet challenging disciple-making matters we encounter in a broken world. Every follower of Christ should read this collaborative volume to glean biblical truths for enthusiastic, loving disciple-making within the context of personal ministry. Committed disciple-makers, relying upon the Word of God and the Holy Spirit to transform heart desires for God’s glory, will discover the ‘why and how’ of biblical counseling in this excellent work.”

—Dr. Mark E. Shaw, Pastor and Executive Director of Vision of Hope, a ministry of Faith Church, Lafayette, IN; Author of The Heart of Addiction

“Because we live in a culture that considers the Bible to be at best irrelevant, or even ridiculous, there has been a growing question even among serious Christians as to its sufficiency, especially for counseling the serious problems of the soul. Scripture and Counseling provides the framework for a profitable discussion of this issue and helps us to appreciate the richness of God’s Word in helping people who are hurting. It purposefully and wisely moves from how a counselor’s correct belief about the Bible directly affects how it will be beneficial to them. Anyone interested in helping people with the Scriptures should read this book.”

—Dr. John D. Street, Chair, MABC Graduate Program, The Master’s College & Seminary

“My heart rejoices whenever I hear of a book being published that strengthens our understanding of and commitment to the sufficiency of the Scriptures for personal ministry. This book is relentless in the pursuit of that goal! As a textbook, as a resource, and as a source of inspiration and encouragement in the modern ‘battle for the Bible,’ Counseling and Scripture will serve and strengthen many generations of Bible students and soul care practitioners.”

—Dr. Wayne Vanderwier, Executive Director of Overseas Instruction in Counseling

“Scripture and Counseling is a book that every friend and critic of biblical counseling will find challenging and enlightening. Linking counseling and preaching with simplicity and profundity reveals the full effects the ministry of the Word can have upon the body of Christ. The authors demonstrate the wisdom of counseling the Word as being sufficient for life and ministry.”

—Dr. Thomas Zempel, Pastor-Professor of Counseling, Colonial Baptist Church, Cary, NC

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