Connect With Others In the Biblical Counseling Community

No person (or ministry) is self-sufficient and can stand alone; as Paul reminds us, we are all parts of Christ’s body and need connection, fellowship, and support from one another. This is especially true in the field of biblical counseling, where we are regularly forced to come to grips with our human weaknesses and limitations. That’s why a big part of our mission as a Coalition is “to unite, advance, and multiply the biblical counseling movement in Christ-centered cooperation” by “foster[ing] collaborative relationships.” It is our hope that these resources will help you do just that!

Below are some opportunities to connect with the biblical counseling community:

BCC Job Board

Whether you are an individual seeking a job in biblcial counseling or an organization seeking to fill ministry positions, the BCC Job Board can help. Click here for our BCC Job Board.

Event Calendar

Want to find biblical counseling conferences, seminars, and training workshops in your area? Check out our Event Calendar and see what’s out there!


Interested in having a BCC-sponsored pre-conference at your next event? Check out our Pre-Conferences page. Featured speakers include Deepak Reju, Brad Hambrick, Bob Kellemen, Mark Shaw, Jonathan Holmes, and Shannon K.McCoy.

Find  A Counselor

Looking for a biblical counselor in your area? While the BCC does not maintain a list of counselors, we have nevertheless compiled a list of biblical counseling organizations and ministres that may be of help to you in your search.

BCC Email Newsletters

And of course, a great way to stay plugged in to what’s going on is to sign up to recieve our monthly BCC E-Source Connection newsletter! You also can find archives of all our old newsletters on our Email Newsletters page.

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