The Victim’s Heart



Human nature being what it is, we are often presented with cases where one person has caused harm to another. Many of the cases we deal with are marital situations where husband or wife has grievously sinned against the other … Continue reading

Ensnared by Lust

Julie Ganschow

Julie Ganschow

Lust and Pornography Series - Ensnared by Lust

I grew up hearing that that women do not enjoy looking at naked bodies the way men do. Yet, women are being seduced into the world of pornography. Young and old, Christian and non-Christian, married and single, women are viewing pornography in record numbers. Continue reading

Why Does He Look at Pornography?

Jonathan Holmes

Why Does He Look At Pornography

One problem that biblical counselors will surely face in their counseling and everyday conversations, regardless of gender, is the addiction and enslavement to pornography. With a problem so prevalent and pervasive in the church, numerous books and articles have been written on the topic. How can biblical counselors contribute to this conversation? Continue reading