Dealing with Holiday Loneliness

Shannon Kay McCoy

Dealing with Holiday Loneliness

The holidays are special times of the year set aside for human connectedness with family and friends. When there is relational disconnection, however, holiday loneliness emerges. This overwhelming feeling of loneliness can produce self-pity, bitterness, and depression. God has a remedy for the sorrow of loneliness that is found only in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Continue reading

Holiday Cursings

Venessa Ellen

For some women this holiday season is not as joyous. For these women jingle bells is just a bunch of noise, winter wonderland has turned into a mud slushy that they are responsible for cleaning. For these women, the dreams of staying up all night cooking and cleaning has turned into frustrating nightmares. Continue reading

The Gospel for Post-Merriment Moodiness

Keri Seavey

The Christmas tree is a fire hazard now. The wrapping paper and boxes are strewn about. What remains of the special Christmas morning breakfast is littered throughout the kitchen. The kids are still half-dazed and crazed from the morning merriment. … Continue reading

The Power of UN-forgiveness: A Case Study

Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas

The Drama in the Home Everybody loves Bill. The consensus is that his perceived spiritual maturity and humble servant’s heart have been an encouragement to many. When he isn’t running his moderately successful engineering firm, he volunteers for his local … Continue reading