Cutting to the Heart of Self-Injury

Julie Ganschow

Julie Ganschow

Cutting to the Heart of Self Injury

The teenage years can be traumatic times and many teens are presented with situations they are not equipped to handle. Self-injury is one method of dealing with indescribable pain and loneliness. It is their way to cope with or relieve painful or hard-to-express feelings. Continue reading

Suicide:”The Preventable Death”



What is Suicide? “A sense of hopelessness or inescapability, combined with a pattern of poor coping, a limited tolerance, and a flight from help coalesce in some manner to form suicidal intent.” – Jeffery S. Black Why Suicide? Suicidal intent … Continue reading

The Lies You Believe and the Truth that Sets You Free

Shannon Kay McCoy

Cutting and Self Harm - The Lies You Believe and the Truth that Sets You Free

In our humanness, we seek a variety of vices to escape emotional pain. One of the most hidden vices is cutting and self-harm. Built on a foundation of lies, the scars, pain, and blood are insufficient means of satisfying your soul. Learn from the psalmist in Psalm 42 and put your hope in God. Continue reading

The BCC Weekend Media Resource: How Biblical Counseling Helped a Woman Struggling with Self Injury, Depression, and Anxiety


Every weekend we highlight one of our free resources. Many times those are media resources—video or audio. But we also have hundreds of blog resources on Christian living and biblical counseling. This weekend’s resource is an example of that. It’ss part of a Biblical Counseling Coalition series of testimonies by people who have received biblical counseling. Though anonymous, each testimony is from a real person who is excited to share how biblical counseling has benefited them. Continue reading