Persevering Through Sorrow in Prayer

Kyle Johnston

Kyle Johnston

Sorrow and despair are painful realities for all of us. Unsurprisingly, many of us often respond to deep sadness with unrealistic optimism or awkward denialism. Loss or ache can be difficult to engage with, so we seek to avoid it. I know this is true not only because of my experience as a counselor but also because it is my own tendency! We find it difficult to face the sorrows we experience. Continue reading

4 Steps into Depression–and the Way Out!

Let me preface this article by recognizing that some forms of depression have a legitimate physical cause. These must be addressed and controlled through the advancements of medical science. Diabetes, hypothyroid, other glandular problems may be directly connected to the depression a person feels. I will let the medical doctors give help for those medical…

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Top Ten Posts of All Time – #7

Mark Kelly

Depression often robs us of our hope. The temptation in thinking that we cannot be honest with God about our situation deepens this hopelessness. Proceeding in prayer using the psalmist’s example in Psalm 13 breathes new hope into our lives. Continue reading

Why Pastoral Counsel Matters for Depressed People

Jeff Forrey

Jeff Forrey

Arlene’s and Greg’s testimonies are just snippets from their lives, and although there were some differences in their experiences, both of them had enough similarities to label them “clinically depressed” by the criteria used today. Clinical depression, as I am using it, is a broad term that incorporates a couple of more specific diagnostic labels used by mental health professionals. Continue reading