The Theologian Inside Us All

I’m writing to all theologians… Now before you close out the window and say, “Well, this article isn’t for me because I’m not a theologian,” I want you to reconsider! The definition that google returns for ‘theologian’ is a person who engages in or is an expert in theology. I believe that it is absolutely impossible… Read More» Continue reading

The Power of Presence

Today a former counselee stopped by to deliver a Christmas present for me.  A couple of decades ago I had the privilege of counseling him and his wife about marital challenges they were facing.  Since then we have become friends, brother and sisters, and members of the same church family. Usually this fellow gives me… Read More» Continue reading

Am I Really Forgiven?

The following is an excerpt from the soon to be published book In the Aftermath by Bev Moore & Pam Gannon. Jill thought for a long time about God’s forgiveness. She had spent so many years dealing with feelings of condemnation and guilt.  After learning about God’s forgiveness through Christ she was thinking this is… Read More» Continue reading

A Husband’s Desire for Honor, pt. 1

Tyler and Mary are in another familiar conflict. Mary is reminding Tyler how he never listens to her and is only concerned about his own schedule and life. He has scheduled another out of town meeting in three weeks, completely forgetting that she had planned for the two of them to get away together. Mary… Read More» Continue reading