Two Wings to Soar in Grief

Sue Nicewander

Grief Series - Two Wings to Soar in Grief

Melissa humbles me. She exudes gratitude with tubes coming out of her arms, a mask over her face, and a serious bout with influenza on top of her double-hit lymphoma. I found Melissa’s blog during a seven-month period that bore nine funerals along with a lengthy personal crisis and two challenging discipleship relationships. I would read Melissa’s blog and marvel at her joy as my trial dragged on. Continue reading

Equipping a Stubborn Little Church

Sue Nicewander

Equipping Series - Equipping a Stubborn Little Church

As a pastor or ministry leader, you may clearly recognize the need for church-wide discipleship, but convincing your people is another story. They may not intend to be stubborn; they just pursue their own ideas. And they resist change that doesn’t fulfill their vision of what their church should do. Here are two suggestions for building discipleship in such a church. Continue reading