Redemption Groups and Biblical Counseling

Mike Wilkerson

Biblical Counseling and Small Group Ministry - Redemption Groups and Biblical Counseling

You’re reading the third of a four-part BCC Grace & Truth blog mini-series on Biblical Counseling and Small Group Ministry. These posts help us to ponder the intersection of one-another ministry through biblical counseling and one-another ministry through small group community. You will also find posts in this series by Lee Lewis, Garrett Higbee, and Ken Long. In today’s post, Mike Wilkerson provides practical ideas for connecting biblical counseling and small group ministry. Continue reading

Sinless Jesus, Sinful Genealogy

Mike Wilkerson

Name-Dropping It’s what we do sometimes when we want to seem bigger or more important in another’s eyes. “I know so and so” bolsters our reputation with someone else’s name. You never drop names that would hurt your reputation. In … Continue reading

How God Works Through Us

Mike Wilkerson

Striking back at someone in revenge is nothing surprising. That’s just human (sinful) nature when you’re hurt. But forgiving out of a deep gratitude to God for the mercy you’ve received through Jesus is a miracle that grabs people’s attention. … Continue reading