Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling: A Chapter-by-Chapter Review

David Murray

CCBC - A Chapter-by-Chapter Review

David Murray, pastor, seminar professor, author, biblical counselor, blogger, and book reviewer, has been reviewing the BCC-authored book Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling chapter-by-chapter. He is now up to chapter five. We’d like to thank David for making the time to provide such a thorough review. In today’s post, you will find the links to all six of David’s current reviews from his blog site Head, Heart, Hand. Continue reading

God’s Fatherhood: Better Than the Latest Band-Aid of Self-Help

David Murray

Our theology drives our lives. What we know and understand about God impacts everything—everything we think, say, and do. It especially controls and directs spiritual activities such as preaching and counseling. It’s the latter I wish to consider by asking: “How does the Fatherhood of God impact our counseling, our personal ministry of the Word to others in need?” There are certain counseling problems that are especially helped by specific aspects of God’s Fatherhood. Continue reading

Post-Prayer Satanic Whispers

David Murray

“…and forgive my sins. In Jesus name, Amen.” Within seconds the wicked whispers start. “Too short.” “Too shallow.” “Too distracted… again.” “Missed out her, and him, and them…” “Yawn. Nothing new to say?” “You call that a prayer?” “Not enough … Continue reading