Wayne Mack

Why I Wrote Anger and Stress Management God’s Way

October 3, 2017

Anger! Stress! These are two words that are used frequently in the course of our daily lives. They are so commonly used because they describe a very common phenomenon. Who of us has not been on the giving and receiving end of anger? Unfortunately, the same is true of stress. We all know people, or perhaps we are the people, who have been “stressed out.” Whether it’s anger or stress, we are all too familiar with the experience. Who of us has never observed or even been a participant in the devastating consequences of either of these two destroyers?

Yes, I call them destroyers because that’s what they are and do. Nothing good has ever come out of mishandled stress or sinful anger. Scripture says, “Wrath is fierce and anger a flood” (Prov. 27:4). How picturesque and how true is this description of sinful anger. An unbiblical kind of anger is like a flood that destroys people and property. Truly, “the wrath of man does not achieve the righteousness of God” (James 1:20). In fact, it does the opposite. It never does anything good, but it surely does a lot of damage. So either we must learn how to control it or it will destroy us and other people, either literally or figuratively.

Likewise, it can be said that stress is much like anger in its effects on the individual and their relationships with people. Eustress (good stress – a certain amount of concern) is good, but eustress can quickly and easily become distress which by definition is that which causes sorrow, misery, pain, or suffering. The dictionary indicates that stress is closely associated with agony and anguish, with that which causes torment and can be excruciating.

Due to of the prevalence of these two problems and the damage they can cause, we are constantly hearing about anger and stress management seminars. Because business executives know of the way that either of these two destroyers can hurt their companies, they regularly contract with so-called experts in these areas to come and present seminars to their employees. Legal authorities will sometimes require people who have become threats to other people to go to seminars or take courses on these subjects.

Most of these courses and seminars are based on humanistic approaches to these issues. They completely ignore turning to Scripture for the counsel of our great, all-wise God who is the world’s greatest expert on how to handle anger and stress. That this is what the world does in its approach to these issues shouldn’t surprise us, but the sad fact is that many Christians are not aware that the Bible contains the most valuable, authoritative, and trustworthy information about how to handle ungodly anger and stress.

After many years of counseling and study on these subjects, I have written Anger and Stress Management God’s Way to provide the kind of help that is not based on man’s opinions, but on the solid truth of God’s infallible, relevant Word. I encourage you read it carefully. Look up and study the Scriptures used and answer the study questions that are included for each chapter. Evaluate your own life and behavior using the material in this book as an evaluative grid. Confess your sins and ask God and others you have sinned against for their forgiveness, and seek the help of God to change and put the principles of this book into practice in your life. You don’t have to be overcome and destroyed by ungodly anger or stress. By God’s grace, you can be an overcomer.

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