Emotions: Engaging the Expressions of Our Heart

October 13, 2016

Curtis Solomon

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Curtis Solomon

This week the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (CCEF) will hold their 2016 annual conference (October 14-16) in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The conference is entitled, “Emotions: Engaging the Expressions of Our Hearts.” At first glance the topic of emotions might not seem like it is worthy of an entire conference. Deeper reflection, however, should lead to a very different conclusion. Many of the cases we face in counseling are rooted in or complicated by misunderstanding or mishandling emotions.

The modern biblical counseling movement has faced criticism for the way we have handled the matter of emotions. Some say we have minimized the importance of emotions or had an overly simplistic view of them. Others have leveled a charge of stoicism toward certain parties in the biblical counseling movement.However, anyone who reads the Word of God understands that emotions are a gift from the Lord. The human capacity for emotions has been given to us to reflect the nature and activity of our Heavenly Father. There is no such thing as a “bad” emotion. How can we call something “bad” if God Himself demonstrates it? Biblical counselors must be committed to helping Christians accurately understand and manifest emotions that honor and glorify God.

I am thrilled to attend this year’s CCEF conference along with other Biblical Counseling Coalition staff and ministry partners. We will have a table at the in the exhibitor hall with resources and information about the BCC. Please stop by and say, “Hello.” It would be an honor to personally meet as many of you as possible as I transition into the role of BCC Director.