Speak the Truth in Love: 40 years of Theology and Biblical Counseling

October 3, 2016


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Theology is essential to counseling. The annual conference of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors is on the topic of “Speak the Truth in Love: 40 years of Theology and Biblical Counseling.” This week ACBC will focus our time on a reexamination of the core theological themes that have undergirded our counseling approach for four decades. We have invited some of the most noteworthy leaders in biblical counseling to help us accomplish this important work.
  • The Sufficiency of God’s Grace for Counseling | Heath Lambert
  • The Doctrine of God and Counseling | Wayne Mack
  • The Doctrine of Man and Counseling | Jeremey Pierre
  • The Doctrine of the Church and Counseling | Steve Viars
  • The Heart of Counseling | Richard Ganz
  • Reflections on the Biblical Counseling Movement | David Powlison
We want to invite you to join us via live stream. All the plenary sessions during the conference will be streamed on Eastern Standard Time. Click here for a full schedule.