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September 28, 2016

Andy Farmer

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Andy Farmer

A few days ago a woman approached me at a social event and said, ‘Did you write that book Trapped?  I was taken aback because I’m not used to being recognized in public for things I’ve written.  But she went on to say:

I was looking at books on line and my eye was caught by the cover of your book.  When I read the title I said “that’s it!  That’s what I’m feeling.”  I’ve been struggling in this area of my life for a long time.  Sometimes it feels like I’m about to break out of it, but then I kind of fall back into the same cycles.  It’s so discouraging.  But I never thought about being trapped.  I had to get the book just to see what being trapped feels like.  But as I’m reading it I’m rediscovering some things about who Jesus is and what he does for me that I think have gotten lost over the years.  I feel like there’s hope, and that I don’t have to live like I’ve been living.

It’s for people like this that I wrote Trapped.  It’s for people who can’t see a way out of problems.  Their day to day faith may keep them going, but it doesn’t spring them free.  I want to reintroduce the gospel to people in the stuck places of life.  Jesus is the Great Redeemer, the Bondage Breaker, the Freedom Giver, and we can live in the freedom he has purchased for us.  We really can.  Trapped is designed to get us thinking—and then living in the good of our redemption in Christ—no matter what kinds of traps seem to hold us back.

BCC Staff: Here are some of the endorsements for Andy’s book. We hope you are encouraged to read the book for yourself—whether you are trapped or have the opportunity to work with others who are.

“There is something about being human that craves freedom and loathes confinement. So we try to bust loose from something or someone, only to find that we still don’t feel free. It is at this point—when we think that freedom might be an illusion—that Andy offers us a better way. Just read the first ten pages, and he will engage you in this better way.”
– Edward T. Welch, Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation

Trapped is a book about what so easily entangles us, but more so a reminder that we are free in Christ. It invites us to take another look at grace and the provision we have to live self-controlled, upright, and godly lives. If you have a bad habit, unhealthy relationship, or seemingly unsolvable problem, you need to read this book. Andy Farmer points us to the gospel afresh to break free from idols and to run to Christ and his redeeming grace. I recommend this for anyone who is trapped or those in the process of bearing with and restoring those who are.”
– Garrett Higbee, Executive Director, Biblical Soul Care at Harvest Bible Chapel, Chicagoland

“Here you will not find simplistic formulas. But if you really want to be free from the complex webs that entrap you, read this book. Andy Farmer’s penetrating insight and wise guidance were learned through the struggle of escaping his own traps and decades of helping others escape theirs. He will lead you to the fundamental truth that will set you free.”
– Jon Bloom, Cofounder of Desiring God