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September 16, 2016

Ernie Baker

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Ernie Baker

BCC Staff: Today we continue introducing you to Ernie Baker’s book Marry Wisely, Marry Well. We hope you are encouraging by these endorsements and the YouTube clip of those who have benefited from its contents.

Despite everything you may have read about the demise of marriage and our culture’s casual acceptance of divorce as the new norm, the reality is that most couples who get married still pledge themselves to one another for life and genuinely hope their marriages will last. Sadly, some of the most vital precepts and values on which healthy marriages are built have been spurned and are now largely forgotten in a culture where marriage and the family have been under assault for several generations. This book is a wonderful distillation of biblical principles regarding the choice of a spouse and the commitment of oneself to a partner for life. This is not another defense of political arguments for traditional marriage—it’s a superbly practical, biblically-based handbook for young people and students who are seeking the wisdom of God’s Word in order to make sure their expectations, their affections, their motives, and their hearts are right before God as they contemplate the most important and far-reaching human relationship they will ever enter into.

-John MacArthur
Grace Community Church
It was with a deep sense of joy, out of love for the students I work with, that I sifted my way through the solidly biblical, deeply hopeful words of Marry Wisely, Marry Well. Baker’s work in this book is comprehensive, understandable, applicable, and full of grace and truth. I would recommend it to any young person, or even any older person for that matter, who is considering marriage in the near or far future.

-Nathaniel “Ben” Moody
Campus Minister
Christian Student Fellowship at Indiana University
There seems to be endless popular opinions about dating and relationships today. Ernie Baker helps the reader through exegetical insights and years of experience to establish biblical wisdom as the true guide for relationships that lead to marriage. Anyone who desires to have this kind of relationship should read this book.

-Joe Keller D.Min
Vice President of Student Life
The Master’s College
Not all pre-marriage advice is created equal! If you are single desiring to be married or engaged, this book helps you prepare yourself personally and together for marriage through rich biblical wisdom. Ernie writes in a conversational style as a father, pastor, counselor, and seminary professor who regularly helps people just like you prepare for a joy-filled, stable home. Through his helpful “marriage house” illustration, Ernie guides you in building your future marriage house from the foundation up, especially if you are in the very early stages. As you move through the process, Ernie’s tone, depth of biblical knowledge, and pastoral style lead you into better understanding and practice as you seek to honor God in your future marriage. As a father, pastor, counselor, and professor myself, I highly recommend this book as a must-read for anyone preparing for marriage, especially those who have not started dating yet.

Kevin Carson, D.Min.
Pastor, Sonrise Baptist Church, Ozark, MO
Professor, Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary, Springfield, MO