Pre-Premarital Counseling

September 14, 2016

Ernie Baker

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Ernie Baker

BCC Staff: In this post and the next, we introduce you to a new resource by Dr. Ernie Baker. In his book Marry Wisely, Marry Well, he guides readers through the “minefield” of establishing a firm—a biblical—foundation for eventually getting married. As one reviewer insightful put it, this book is not merely “premarital counseling”; it is “pre-premarital counseling.” We hope you are encouraged by these recommendations and the YouTube clip by Ernie to check out this resource.

Marry Wisely, Marry Well is just the kind of book the Christian community has been needing to help young people understand dating, romance, and choosing a spouse from a biblical worldview.  Dr. Baker has a wonderful way of bringing wisdom to light with the most important decision in life for most of us after embracing Jesus Christ.  Not only would I recommend this to anyone young person considering dating or courtship, I would recommend it to parents of high school and college students everywhere.

-Garrett Higbee Ph.D
Pastor of Soul Care, Harvest Bible Chapel Network
Executive Director, the Biblical Counseling Coalition

Marry Wisely, Marry Well
is really a pre-pre-marital counseling book. Pre-marital counseling is vital, and the biblical counseling movement needs more pre-marital books. However, to date there are zero biblical counseling books on how to make a wise choice of a spouse—until now with Marry Wisely, Marry Well. This is a must-read book for every high school and college-age single. Parents—buy it as a graduation gift. Singles—buy it for yourself and learn how to build a wise, biblical foundation in your own life and heart in order to prepare yourself for your future spouse.

-Bob Kellemen, Ph.D.
Vice President of Institutional Development, Crossroads Bible College
Author of Gospel-Centered Counseling 
No other time in human history has demanded a careful and knowledgeable study of marriage than the present. The biblical view of marriage is under massive scrutiny and ridicule. Marry Wisely, Marry Well restores our confidence in the Bible and the institution of marriage. Anyone considering marriage who reads this book will not enter marriage unadvised and unprepared.

-Dr. Rod Mays
Former National Coordinator, Reformed University Fellowship
Adjunct Professor, Reformed Theological Seminary
Commentators from all sorts of places are alarmed at the hook-up culture among our youth. They largely agree on at least one thing about the present relational landscape: it’s ugly out there. But in this book we get a portrait capturing the beauty of wisdom. Don’t expect a rulebook here. Rulebooks can’t change a young person’s vision to discern true from false beauty. A portrait, rather, invites you to gaze upon what is good and want it for yourself. Come, gaze at Jesus Christ as the wisdom of God, who promises to help his followers to walk safely in any relational landscape.

Jeremy Pierre, Ph.D.
Dean of Students, Associate Professor of Biblical Counseling
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary