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November 19, 2015

Garrett Higbee

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Garrett Higbee

Have you been encouraged by the BCC? We would love to hear your story and add it to the ones below. I want to share a few things we have heard about the impact of the BCC in the last 12 months based on some of our annual goals.

1. We wanted to have more of a global impact … 

“Thank you all at the BCC for your willingness to invest in the lives of others across the globe. Your ministry efforts really are making an impact over here. So we thank the Lord for you.” (Pastor Kyle Johnston, MABC, South Africa)

2. We wanted to produce multi-author volumes that would be standard resources for those who want to be equipped to counsel from God’s Word …

“The books that the Biblical Counseling Coalition has written are more than textbooks; they are sanctification books–showing the way of change and giving clarity to the way of a Christ-like life.” (Dr. Thomas Zempel, Professor of Biblical Counseling, Shepherds Seminary)

“We recently revised our syllabi in our D.Min. program and have included all three books as we see them as vital to the equipping of the next generation of biblical counselors.” (Dr. Howard Eyrich, Director of the D.Min. Program in Biblical Counseling at Birmingham Theological Seminary)

3. We wanted our website to be a trustworthy place where people could find the best resources and BC ministries in the world …

“As the pastor of a church in a small town, the BCC blogs and resources have been of great help and encouragement!” (Pastor Jeremy Church, Wolcott Christian Church, Wolcott, Indiana)

4. We wanted our annual BCC Leadership Retreat to be among the personal and professional high-water marks for our Council Board members each year (in 2015 our retreat is on Mental Illness and BC) …

“The 2014 leadership retreat was absolutely a gift from God to my soul and life. So grateful to be part of this organization.” (Dr. Dwayne Bond, Senior Pastor, Wellspring Church, Charlotte, North Carolina)

* * * * * * *

We have similar goals for 2016. In addition, we are planning the following for the upcoming year:

(1) Hosting a Global Leadership Summit to highlight leader care

(2) Updating and launching a mobile friendly website

(3) Placing a greater emphasis on developing a broad international network

It is hard to measure the importance of unity and synergy among partnering organizations or the value of providing access to trusted resources. Some of you have been around BC for a long time and you can see the changes. Others are just glad for where we are as a movement and are reaping the benefits. Either way, would you consider supporting the BCC with a 2015 year-end gift? Like most para-church ministries, we have had a tough financial year. Your gift of any amount will help us to advance biblical counseling globally at a time when there is a desperate need for the private and personal ministry of God’s Word.

How can you give? We have made giving pretty easy: Donate Today. Select a monthly amount, or give a one-time gift to help us end this year strongly. Since we are not a membership organization or a certifying agency and we typically do not hold a big conference every year, your financial partnership plays an essential role in sustaining the ministry of BCC. Once again, I ask you to reflect on the ways you may have benefited directly from our blogs or books or more indirectly from seeing the movement become more unified and effective. Maybe you have in mind a leader from our Council Board or Board of Directors who has been helpful to you, and you are just happy to give to an organization that is encouraging them. Perhaps you are like me and are excited to see the next generation of biblical counselors being equipped by multiple biblical counseling organizations whose impact has been strengthened by their partnership with one another through the BCC.

As we approach Thanksgiving, I am truly thankful for the way the BCC represents the Lord’s heart for unity, for its encouragement of leaders, and for its role as a megaphone to promote those who make up the best that biblical counseling has to offer. Please pray for us and consider how you can partner financially with us. We invite you to leave a comment on how the BCC has blessed you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Dr. Garrett Higbee
BCC Executive Director