Looking Back and Looking Forward

October 10, 2015

Bob Kellemen

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Bob Kellemen

A Word from Your BCC Team: Typically on weekends we use our weekend posts either as a “megaphone post” telling you about important biblical counseling events, or as a resource post linking you to new free resources at our site. Occasionally we use our weekend posts like we are today—to update you on some “new news” about the Biblical Counseling Coalition. This weekend, our founding Executive Director and current Resource Director, Bob Kellemen, shares some important news about God’s new direction in his life and ministry. Enjoy!

The BCC: The Earliest Days

I vividly recall in 2010, Pastor Steve Viars asking me to consider taking on the role of founding Executive Director for the Biblical Counseling Coalition. I was both honored and humbled. I took the invitation seriously and put serious prayer and consultation into my decision-making process.

Looking back now over five years later, I’m glad that I said, “Yes” and took on the role of the BCC’s Executive Director. I served in that role from 2010 to the end of 2014. Then throughout 2015, I’ve served as the BCC’s Resource Director—working on our book projects, daily blogs, weekly book reviews, free resources, and many, many other aspects of the BCC’s “resource wing.”

Today, I am publicly announcing that effective October 15, 2015, I will be transitioning from my role as Resource Director. For the past several months, I’ve been working with our Executive Director, Garrett Higbee, and with the BCC’s Board of Directors to assure that we have a strong transition plan in place. We don’t want you—our faithful readers and resource users—to miss any of the benefits of the robust resources that you have become accustomed to.

Where Am I Headed?

As many of you know, my greatest passion is equipping the next generation of pastors and biblical counselors. For the past year, I have not only worked for the BCC, but also for Crossroads Bible College in Indianapolis, Indiana. I’ve served as the Vice President of Institutional Development and as the Chair of the Biblical Counseling and Discipleship Department—working 50% time. As you might imagine, those two roles require a lot of me—and effective October 1, 2015, I began full-time work with Crossroads Bible College.

As some of you also know, my wife, Shirley, has been my Executive Assistant with the BCC for the past year. She will also be transitioning with me to Crossroads, serving there as my Executive Assistant. I know that not all couples enjoy working together, but Shirley and I love it! I’m thrilled not only to partner with Shirley for the past thirty-five years of marriage, but also to partner with Shirley in serving the Lord—first in three churches, then with the BCC, and now with Crossroads Bible College.

The BCC, Me, and You

I love the BCC. And I so appreciate the leadership and friendship of our Executive Director, Garrett Higbee. It has been my joy to work alongside and under Garrett this past year. He and I are “kindred spirits” in so many ways and I resonate deeply with his ongoing vision for the BCC.

It has also been my privilege to work with the amazing BCC Board of Directors: Deepak Reju, Steve Viars, Garrett Higbee, David Powlison, Randy Patten, Nicolas Ellen, and John Henderson. These men are not only a veritable “who’s who” of biblical counseling leaders; they are godly men and dear friends.

I’ll continue to be vitally connected with the BCC and its mission. I’ll be attending this year’s BCC Leadership Retreat (facilitating one session and presenting in another), I’ll serve on the BCC Council Board, and I’ll be writing blog posts for our Grace & Truth blog site.

That’s the BCC and me.

What about the BCC and you? May I encourage you to continue to support the BCC? Here are a few practical ways:

First, if you are not already, would you consider becoming a BCC Partner? Your very reasonable annual Partner donation not only supports our ministry, it also provides you with an exclusive monthly Partner E-Source that in itself is worth more than the annual donation.

Second, if you or your friends, students, colleagues, or trainees are buying any of the three BCC books, would you consider purchasing them at our very own BCC bookstore? You’ll receive the books at a tremendous discount and you’ll be supporting the BCC.

Third, spread the word about our blogs, books reviews, books, free resources, Find-a-Counselor page, BC Job Board, and more. You can do so by “liking” us on Facebook and “sharing” our Facebook updates. And by following us on Twitter and “re-tweeting” our posts or “tweeting” about us.

What I’m Most Thankful For

When I think about my five-plus years with the BCC, there are several areas of thankfulness that immediately come to mind.

First, I have had a blast working with dozens of leaders in the biblical counseling movement producing our three BCC books, Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling, Scripture and Counseling, and Biblical Counseling and the Church. Together they form a foundational trilogy describing the theology and methodology of biblical counseling, outlining what we mean by the sufficiency of Scripture, and explaining how biblical counseling can and should saturate every local church.

Second, I have been blessed by getting to know so many of the leaders of the biblical counseling movement. Five years ago I knew most of them only by name and through their writings. Half-a-decade later, I count so many of them as dear friends—brothers and sisters in Christ who care about me and who I care about. This includes not only the members of the Board of Directors and Council Board, but also our bloggers, book reviewers, book co-authors, and resource providers. Thank you—each of you—for your contributions to the BCC and for your impact on my life.

Third, I always find it exciting to be involved in launches and/or re-launches. It’s a major part of how God has wired me. To think back to over five years ago when the BCC was just a “dream,” a “vision,” and to see where the Lord has led us now by His grace—it truly is amazing. We’ve focused on “collaborative relationships and robust resources”—and both of those have come to fruition. And we’ve sought to “promote personal change centered on the Person of Christ through the personal ministry of the Word”—and I believe that we have been a clear voice compassionately spreading that message of our sufficiency in Christ’s gospel of grace.