The Union of the Trinity and the Implications for a Husband

September 22, 2015


In the Beginning

In the beginning, God gave man work, a warning, and then a woman (Genesis 2:1-24). God had order, structure, and process for man to follow. God’s order, structure, and process are revealed throughout Genesis 1 and 2. God created, and the world and mankind exist. From the beginning, God has been giving direction for how mankind is to operate in life and in marriage.

It is through the evaluation of the Trinity that a husband can learn some key ways by which he can develop in genuine relation with his wife. Let’s explore one aspect of the Trinity that we can use to guide a husband into building a God-honoring relationship with his wife.

God Is an Inseparable Union within the Three Persons of the Trinity

“The Trinity is composed of three united Persons without separate existence so completely united as to form one God.”[1] Each person of the Trinity is called God, thereby affirming their essence as God. Each person of the Trinity works in unity with one another. The Trinity operates in subordination within their community. God the Father is the head. God the Son submits to the Father. God the Spirit submits to God the Son. However, this does not take away from their equality and oneness. This is the way God has chosen to operate and relate within their community and to creation.

God Intended for a Marriage to Be an Inseparable Union

God intended for a husband to stay in union with his wife on earth until death (Matthew 19: 3-6). Jesus proclaimed that a husband and wife were joined by God and should not be separated by man.[2] As God is an inseparable union within the three persons of the Trinity, so should man be inseparable from his wife. As a husband sees the inseparable relationship within the community of God, he must seek to nurture, protect, and care for his marriage, so that his marriage will be a union that is inseparable and unbroken like the Triune God.[3]

A Husband Must Work on Maintaining the Inseparable Union

In order for a husband to build a marriage that is inseparable, he must understand the nature of his covenant with God and his wife. According to Genesis 2:24, marriage was intended to be an exclusive and permanent bond between a man and woman entered into before God.[4] Therefore, a husband must view his marriage in terms of exclusivity and permanence. Then he will be able to operate within his marriage as God operates within the Trinity.

In addition, in order for the husband to build a marriage that is inseparable, he will need to spend time learning his wife and developing in companionship with his wife. [5]A husband will not know how to nurture his wife if he has not come to understand what his wife needs to function as God has designed. Nor, will he be able to care for and protect his wife and the marriage if he has not come to understand her fears and insecurities. Therefore, a husband must seek to live with his wife in an understanding way (1 Peter 3:7). Moreover, seeing the marriage as exclusive and permanent can lead the husband to reject the idea of divorce or extra-marital affairs. As a husband builds a marriage that is inseparable he will embrace the marriage as exclusive and permanent, seeing his wife as the first and only option in relation to all aspects of marriage ordained by God.

Join the Conversation

What aspects of the Trinity will you consider and pursue to reflect within your marriage?

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