BCC Weekend Resource: Gospel-Driven Counseling for Suffering

August 1, 2015

Brad Hambrick

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Brad Hambrick



A Word from Your BCC Team: Often on weekends we like to highlight and link back to one of our many free resources. Today, we link back to a resource produced by The Summit Church and authored by Brad Hambrick: Gospel-Driven Counseling for Suffering. In addition to finding this resource at our BCC site (with Brad’s permission), you can read the original resource at Brad’s blog site here.

Pastor Hambrick introduces the resource with these words:

If we are honest, it is much easier (in the sense of being straight-forward) to counsel sin than it is to counsel suffering. And in reality, those are the only two kinds of counseling that exist. When someone comes to us seeking perspective, guidance, or hope because their life is hard, either they are facing the consequences of their own sin or they are facing the consequences of living in a broken world. If it were not for sin and suffering, there would be no counseling.

You can read the rest of this resource at our BCC Free Resource site here.

Brad Hambrick

About Brad Hambrick

Brad is Pastor of Counseling at The Summit Church in Durham, NC. He also serves as an adjunct professor of biblical counseling at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Brad has been married to his wife, Sallie, since 1999.