BCC Weekend Megaphone Post Truth in Love: Biblical Solutions for the Problems People Face

June 20, 2015


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A Note from Your BCC Team: On weekends we often like to use our BCC “megaphone” to make you aware of excellent biblical counseling resources. We do so today by re-posting, with permission, the following announcement by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). For the original post at the ACBC site you can go to Truth in Love.

Truth in Love (From the ACBC Staff)

Beginning this past week, on June 15, 2015, we are releasing a regular podcast called Truth in Love: Biblical Solutions for the Problems People Face.

Our goal for this podcast is to create a resource for the church to use that is relevant, practical, and accessible. Each edition of the podcast will last about ten minutes and will provide practical solutions for the problems we face in a fallen world.

The podcast will come in multiple formats with guests, Q&A, and will always include practical application of Scripture to the issues we most need to address. The very first edition of Truth in Love is entitled Gay Marriage, Speaking Truth in Love, and The United States Supreme Court. Other early editions will address miscarriage, panic attacks, and responding to pornography use in a dating relationship.

We are producing this podcast because we want to help the church think biblically and practically about the difficulties that we all face. We want to ask you to participate. If there are issues you would like us to address or questions you would like us to answer, write in and let us know or ask on Twitter at @ACBC using the hashtag #truthinlove.