7 Benefits of Partnership: Why Partner with the BCC?

March 9, 2015

7 Benefits of Partnership--Why Partner with the BCC
Garrett Higbee

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Garrett Higbee

7 Benefits of Partnership--Why Partner with the BCC

I am one of those people who never puts my money toward anything I don’t believe in. I don’t like getting cold calls on my home phone (yes, I still have a home phone) because they are usually wanting to sell me something I don’t need. But once in a while there is an appeal for support that captures my attention because it lines up with the things I value. It was like that with the Biblical Counseling Coalition.

I was fortunate enough to be a founding board member, and this year became the Executive Director. But back in 2009 they had me at:

“What if all the biblical counseling leaders joined forces to support, collaborate, and promote the biblical counseling movement together?”

My immediate response was, “Sign me up! How can I help?”

In the past six years we have worked hard to advance the biblical counseling movement and have seen the Lord bless our efforts. So I am not just the Executive Director; I am a willing and excited BCC Partner.

What about you?!

Your Opportunity to Partner with the BCC

Our BCC Partner Ministry makes it possible for you to have an active role in promoting biblical counseling globally. In 2015, our goal is to increase the number of BCC Partners tenfold—which means we need you!

The cost of becoming a BCC Partner is $30/year for an individual or $50/year for an organization. To become a BCC Partner, we also ask that you read our BCC Confessional Statement, Doctrinal Statement, and Mission/Vision Statement, and acknowledge that you agree with the values and vision of the BCC.

When you become a BCC Partner, you will:

  1. Receive an exclusive free monthly resource (BCC Partner E-Source Connection) that will sharpen your counseling skills.
  1. Have the option to list your name or organization (with contact information) on our website.
  1. Have the option to post our BCC Partner logo on your website.
  1. Benefit from collaborative resources from the most gifted leaders in biblical counseling.
  1. Be a part of a movement that practices what it preaches.
  1. Be part of an important ministry that simply cannot be sustained without your help.
  1. Help us to pursue our passion of advancing biblical counseling globally.

3 Exciting Developments

You need to know that the BCC is not a certifying agency—becoming a BCC Partner does not mean we are certifying you as biblical counselor. But we would be able to point you to other places you can get trusted training, certification, and help.

Your partnership also helps us to break down silos and build synergy to increase the impact of biblical counseling. Let me give you three specific ways this is happening that should get you reaching for your wallet or purse:

  1. Last December, our annual BCC Leadership Retreat was a high-water mark for unity among biblical counseling leaders in the last 50 years. That has caused many skeptics to take notice and our friends to celebrate. (Check out our council board: BCC Council Board.)
  1. Our website gives away resources and points to trusted biblical counseling organizations helping many who otherwise would be unable to access this help. (Check out our resource page: BCC Resources.)
  1. Our international network of biblical counselors and their organizations is growing by the month! We are raising up and mentoring next generation leaders in biblical counseling all around the world.

So what’s next?

  • Pray that God would multiply your gift and our influence as we spend ourselves to advance biblical counseling globally.

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How has the BCC ministered to you?

If you are a BCC Partner, how have the benefits of the BCC Partner Ministry, including the Partner-exclusive monthly resource, ministered to you?