Training the Church to Care Like Christ: The Biblical Counseling Center Story

January 31, 2015

Training the Church to Care Like Christ--The Biblical Counseling Center Story

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Tim Allchin

Training the Church to Care Like Christ--The Biblical Counseling Center Story

A Message from Your BCC Team: At the Biblical Counseling Coalition, we love using our “megaphone” to fulfill our BCC mission: to advance the ministry of the biblical counseling movement. Throughout January and February, we’re helping you to learn about vital biblical counseling ministries—like today’s post from Tim Allchin of The Biblical Counseling Center.

Equipping for Changed Lives

A father and mother needed help for their teen. They walked in the doors of New Hope Bible Church, a multi-cultural community of faith on Chicago’s west side, looking for help, for direction, for compassion, anything that would keep their at-risk teen out of gangs. The couple and their teen received one-on-one compassionate care and God’s truth from the pastor and trained lay people in its care ministry.

The result was astounding. Through compassionate and effective biblical counseling, the dad and mom became believers in Jesus Christ. In fact, the entire family including the struggling teen and his younger siblings came to saving faith. The teen found a better place of belonging than the streets—God’s family.

New Hope is among the churches trained by The Biblical Counseling Center—the pastor, the small group leaders, and others with a heart for the hurting. We helped the church launch its own biblical counseling center, too. Hearts of Hope Care Ministry provides physical, emotional, and spiritual support to enable spiritual life transformation according to God’s purpose.

You can listen to New Hope’s pastor tell the story here.

We Train

The Biblical Counseling Center trains the church in person or online (or a combination) to equip leaders to care for its members and the hurting in the community. We also train individuals through numerous courses in our online school.

Our hope in training churches and individuals is to help churches care for its people and bring about heart change leading to life change for the glory of God.

Some of our online, self-paced courses are Foundations of Biblical Counseling, Contemporary Issues in Biblical Counseling, Portraits (which is 12 hours of observations of counselors and counselees in a split-screen format), Marriage and Family Biblical Counseling, and Advanced Topics in Biblical Counseling. These courses cover the basics of Biblical Counseling, from how to gather data to implementing a plan to effect heart change, to counseling people with anger, depression, ADHD, bipolar illness, eating disorders, anxiety, suicide prevention, domestic violence, cutting, homosexuality, communication, marital sexual issues, and we even offer training in the theology of biblical counseling.

You can discover the details at our online school. When you click on a course title, you’ll see the course outline along with course notes and downloadables that accompany each lesson.

Since 1989, we’ve trained many thousands of students all over the world in biblical counseling principles, topics, and applications. Our training program offers 120 hours of quality instruction. We are a certified ACBC center, too. In fact our Foundations of Biblical Counseling course and our Portraits observation course satisfy two main requirements in ACBC’s Learning phase.

In 2014 in partnership with Crossroads Bible College, we began offering the opportunity to our students to earn up to 12 hours of college credit from Crossroads. Many who contact us for biblical counseling training say they appreciate the college credit option.

We Counsel

The Biblical Counseling Center compassionately counsels those in need of guidance through life’s struggles. We have experienced male and female counselors who listen to their counselees’ situation, help them understand what God desires, and walk patiently with them as they progress in living their life according to God’s Word, believing He promises a good result.

“Using the Bible, our counselor wisely led both of us on a journey to reconciliation and spiritual renewal,” said Jorge and Andrea Munoz. “We are thankful for BCC’s ministry to us, for offering us hope and giving us direction through God’s Word and for Jesus, the One who will complete the good work He has begun in our marriage.”

Our counselors meet in person at one of our three—and soon to be five!—counseling offices in greater Chicago, and they counsel by Skype, too. We offer counseling by Skype for frequent travelers, folks in rural areas, and people outside the Chicago area, including nations where biblical counseling may be difficult to find. One of our counselors has Skype-counseled hurting Christians in four continents, including the nations of Cambodia, Hong Kong, Sweden, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

We care to walk with you through the hurt,

to lovingly speak the truth,

to help you find solutions God’s way,

to point out the way to find God’s peace,

to help you restore your relationships,

to pray with you when you are down,

to listen closely so we understand you,

to encourage you to succeed, and

to offer guidance if you’re off course.

Pastors and their families need somewhere to turn when they need counseling or are in overwhelming circumstances. We understand the needs of pastors and desire to help them grow stronger through any difficulty they might encounter. Also, when a church faces a time of crisis or conflict, we are vastly experienced in helping local churches in crisis and can guide pastors and the church through these times of conflict and pain.

We Reach Out

The Biblical Counseling Center travels outside the United States to bring biblical counseling to churches desiring training. Dr. Ron Allchin, founder and executive director of The Biblical Counseling Center, visited Cuba and India a few times last year to train believers in Foundations of Biblical Counseling and to encourage them to persevere.

In 2015 Dr. Allchin and his wife, Sherry, plan to return to India and also travel to Romania and Haiti. It’s common for them to bring resources like laptops to pastors in need of technology so that they can further the work of biblical counseling, help the hurting, and spread the Good News of the Gospel among their people.

Connect with Us

The Biblical Counseling Center invites you to connect with us and join us in “helping churches care for people.” We welcome your  questions. The best ways to reach us are by phone and email.

We’d also appreciate a visit to our website and Facebook page.

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