Finding Security in the Midst of Our Insecurities

December 23, 2014

Finding Security in the Midst of Our Insecurities

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Jonathan Holmes

Finding Security in the Midst of Our Insecurities

Paul writes some of the most comforting words in all of his writings in Romans 8:1 where he states, “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” That one little word, now could not come at a better time for many of us.

Meditate and savor this sweet truth: you and I can have security and confidence today in our standing before God because of Jesus Christ.

Helping a counselee truly soak in this precious truth is a noble and worthy endeavor for those who care for souls. One of the issues which often arises in counseling is the issue of insecurities.

Our Identity Insecurities

From difficult marriages to eating disorders to depression, we all struggle and wrestle with them. Here are just a few examples and categories to think through:

  • Physical Insecurities: How do I look to other people? Am I attractive? Am I pretty? Am I overweight/underweight? How does my hair look? How do my clothes look? Am I being too loud?
  • Emotional Insecurities: If I get close to that person, they’ll hurt me. If I open up to my spouse, will they judge me and move away from me? I’ve been burned in the past, and can’t trust anyone.
  • Material Insecurities: Why don’t I have a bigger house? She has a bigger diamond on her engagement ring. Why are they on their third trip to Disney World? What do they think about my ‘97 Honda Civic?
  • Relational Insecurities: Does anyone want to be with me, to marry me? Do people like being around me? Why do people seem to avoid me? When I walk into a room full of people, why am I so overwhelmed?
  • Spiritual Insecurities: Am I spiritual enough? Have I done enough today to please God? Why don’t I feel God’s presence more? Am I truly saved? Why don’t I have more faith? Do they know more about the Bible than I do?

We could all add our personal insecurities to this list, and be here all day. Suffice it to say, we are a very fragile and frail people once all our guards and covers begin to come down. Our insecurities give way to fears, blend into doubts, and slowly morph over time into crippling anxiety. Personally I find myself at times crippled with the insecurity of, “Did I say the right thing?” “Did I offend that person?” “Do they truly get me?”

Understanding and Applying Our Identity in Christ

What all of these questions and concerns have in common is that we too often operate out of an upside-down understanding of our identity. Meaning that our insecurities often stem from a distorted sense of self and reality. Truthfully speaking, people don’t spend nearly as much time thinking about me as I would like to hope or imagine. What I need most to enter into my heart and life is the simple truth of what God thinks about me and says about me in Holy Scripture.

You and I, and our counselees, need to hear the truth of, “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” When we choose to live out of that reality of our identity it does several things:

  • Makes Room for Joy: Often our insecurities and obsessive thoughts about ourselves keep us from experiencing the joy of Christ. Left to the false narratives of our insecurities and how other people view us, we miss valuable glimpses of our Savior’s care and grace to each of us individually.
  • Creates Opportunities for Service: When I am thinking about myself less, it gives me opportunities to actually move outside my spiraling thoughts and depressing self-destructive narratives and love others. Why? Because as one who is in Christ Jesus, I realize it’s not about me, it’s all about Him!
  • Offers Hope in Case of Rejection: Surely one of the most basic things we all experience as human beings is rejection. No one enjoys being rejected, and being rejected creates and opens up opportunities for insecurities to abound. Yet, the child of God realizes at the end of the day that though he or she experiences rejection, he or she is accepted by the Creator of the universe…now. Today!

What hope and perspective this can give our counselees! May God give us grace to stop masking insecurities with the fig leaves of human accomplishment, acclaim, and acumen. May we by God’s grace move from our human insecurities, and find our truest security in a Person.

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