14 Most Read BCC Blogs of 2014

December 15, 2014

14 Most Read BCC Blogs of 2014

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14 Most Read BCC Blogs of 2014

A Word from the BCC Staff: It’s that time of year. Each year, near the end of the calendar year, we collate for you, with direct links, the most visited BCC Grace & Truth blogs posted during the year. So, today, enjoy direct links to the 14 most read BCC blogs posted in 2014.

  1. 13 Wisdom Principles When Ending a Dating Relationship by Deepak Reju
  1. When Our Theology Stifles Our Compassion by Marie Notcheva
  1. 3 Principles for Asking for Forgiveness by Ken Long
  1. Are We Using the Word “Brokenness” Biblically? by Bob Kellemen
  1. Cutting to the Heart of Self-Injury by Julie Ganschow
  1. 3 Disarming Character Traits of the Biblical Counselor by Garrett Higbee
  1. Marriage Is Death by Eliza Jane Huie
  1. 4 Things Not to Say to Hurting People by Colin Mattoon
  1. Dumb Down Your Smart Phone by Deepak Reju
  1. Wisdom for Abused Women by Julie Ganschow
  1. Must We Argue Again? by Sherry Allchin
  1. Overcoming a Critical Spirit by Shannon Kay McCoy
  1. 14 Gospel Promises that Trump the Power of Lust by Luke Gilkerson
  1. Mental Illness and Faith-Based Counseling by Garrett Higbee

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