BCC Weekend Resource: Counseling Sexually Abused Women and Children

October 11, 2014

The BCC Weekend Resource

The BCC Weekend Resource

BCC Staff Note: On weekends we like to highlight for you one of our growing list of free resources. This weekend we highlight a resource audio from the 2014 IBCD Summer Institute. For a complete list of speakers and messages, visit the IBCD Summer Institute 2014 home page.

In this resource, Caroline Newheiser addresses the issue of Counseling Sexually Abused Women and Children. Sexual abuse is more and more prevalent in our society. Vulnerable children become women who have lived with a secret for years. Women counselors need to understand how the Bible helps females who have been sexually abused. There is a biblical way to deal with the shame and emotional pain of the victim. The role of the church will be addressed. Real cases will be discussed.

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