BCC Weekend Resource: Helping Women Who Have Had Abortions

September 13, 2014

The BCC Weekend Resource

The BCC Weekend Resource

BCC Staff Note: On weekends we like to highlight for you one of our growing list of free resources. This weekend we highlight a resource audio from the 2014 IBCD Summer Institute. For a complete list of speakers and messages, visit the IBCD Summer Institute 2014 home page.

In this resource, Jadele Taylor addresses the topic of Helping Women Who Have Had Abortions. Jadele explains the importance of identifying and understanding the post-abortive woman and then leading her through the steps of confession, forgiveness, and real freedom that only Christ can offer.

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One thought on “BCC Weekend Resource: Helping Women Who Have Had Abortions

  1. Why wouldn’t the church teach more clearly on this subject? Ninety percent of the women seeking abortions say they are ‘Christian’. The problem lies in the Church not teaching that abortion is murder and no one should presume on the grace of God. Don’t know how many times I have heard women walking into an abortuary say “oh it’s okay God forgives”. Scary.Scary stuff.

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