BCC Weekend Resource: Women Counseling Women

August 2, 2014

The BCC Weekend Resource

The BCC Weekend Resource

BCC Staff Note: On weekends we like to highlight for you one of our growing list of free resources. This weekend we highlight a resource audio recording about Women Counseling Women.

The BCC has a number of ministry teams that “meet’ by phone conference call on a quarterly basis for “iron sharpening.” In addition to being of benefit to each person on the call, by recording and distributing these calls, you, our BCC readers can also benefit.

Today’s phone conference call conversation centers around an interview hosted by Leigh Ann Stull with Julie Ganchow. Julie is an author, teacher, and founder of Reigning Grace Counseling Center. Other participants include Hayley Satrom, Keri Seavey, Betty-Anne Van Rees, Ellen Castillo, Linda Rice, Eliza Huie, Suzanne Holland, Robin Barnes, Shannon McCoy, and Beth Strall.

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One thought on “BCC Weekend Resource: Women Counseling Women

  1. Excellent conversation — hopeful and helpful, these women who serve as biblical counselors. I loved Julie’s insights and her humility and her determination to love like Christ

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