The BCC Weekend Interview Series: Anne Dryburgh and Biblical Counseling in Belgium

June 21, 2014


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BCC Staff: As part of our BCC vision, we want to point you to the best of the best in robust, relational, biblical counseling. Periodically we’re posting (and then making available as an ongoing resource) interviews with churches, para-church groups, educational institutions, and individuals committed to biblical counseling. You can find links to all of our interviews here.

Today we’re pleased to connect with Anne Dryburgh who is a biblical counselor in Belgium, serving under the Open Brethren missionary agency out of the United Kingdom.

BCC: “Anne, please introduce our readers to your ministry.”

AD: “For over 20 years I have been a missionary in Dutch-speaking Belgium. The purpose of the ministry I am involved in is to evangelize the lost and to disciple believers. Biblical counseling is intense discipleship in areas where people are suffering in some way in their lives. I use biblical counseling every day as I meet with women and help them deal with things such as depression, abusive relationships (physical, sexual, and emotional) and addictions.”

BCC: “What are the primary ministries that you offer?”

AD: “The primary ministry I am involved in is in helping women grow in Christ. Most of the women I meet with have suffered from abuse in their childhood, are currently in abusive relationships, or suffer from depression. Recently I have started teaching a biblical counseling course to other people who believe that the Lord has answers for the problems of life.”

BCC: “What is the history of your ministry/organization? Tell us your story.”

AD: “I am working in Belgium as part of an Open Brethren missionary service agencies from the United Kingdom. Missionaries have gone out to serve the Lord to all parts of the world through these agencies for over a hundred years. The spiritual need of the country of Belgium can be seen in the fact that there are only about 0.3% evangelicals and people were only given permission to read the Bible in the 1960s. Before that, the religious authorities taught that it was sinful for an untrained person to read the Bible. This lack of the gospel and Bible teaching negatively affects how people live their lives. The result is that there is a lack of knowledge about how to think, desire, relate and behave biblically. This affects all areas of life and all relationships.”

BCC: “Anne, what is your succinct definition of biblical counseling?”

AD: “I like Tim Lane’s definition: ‘Biblical counseling involves walking patiently with someone, while wisely connecting them to Christ through the grace-centered message of the Bible. This one-on-one ministry is done in the community of the church where both the normal and complex problems of daily life can be addressed.’”

BCC: “Anne, how can we be praying for you and your ministry?”

AD: “Since there are so few believers in this country, it can be difficult to live the Christian life. To live biblically makes a person unusual here and usually results in a lot of pressure to conform to the norm. Please pray for all of us to be living in the sufficiency of Christ each and every day.”

BCC: Thank you, Anne, for your ministry of biblical counseling in Belgium and for sharing with our readers.”

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  1. Good to know there are other Biblical counselors here in Belgium. We serve with French & Flemish-speakers in Bruxelles and Antwerp.

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