Getting to Know Shepherds Seminary

June 3, 2014

Getting to Know Shepherds Seminary

BCC Staff Note: You’re reading the tenth in a multi-part BCC Grace & Truth blog series on Biblical Counseling Education and Equipping. These posts are written by leading biblical counseling equippers/educators. In today’s post, Tom Zempel of Shepherds Seminary shares about Getting to Know Shepherds Seminary.

Historical Highlights

Shepherds Seminary was born out of a vibrant local church in Cary, NC. This congregation was gripped by a sense of stewardship to help train another generation of servant-leaders to regard and to handle the Word of God aright.

Classes began in 2003, with the M.Div. inaugurated in 2005. TRACS accreditation was received in 2009 (10-year reaffirmation in 2014). The Israel Initiative Study Trip was in 2012. ATS candidate status in 2014 (full accreditation anticipated in 2016).

Defining Convictions and Commitments Which Animate Shepherds Seminary

  • The inerrant character and infallible authority of Scripture, and thus the sufficiency of Scripture for all of life and godliness.
  • The historical-grammatical interpretation of Scripture, as well as the premillennial worldview which necessarily follows from a literalist hermeneutic.
  • Academic rigor in the pursuit of ministry-readiness, guided as a stewardship by a fully credentialed & richly experienced faculty who live to teach.
  • A biblical model of servant leadership in ministry as in all of life, nurtured by instruction and by mentoring.
  • A curriculum-wide focus on Scriptural principles of progressive sanctification, integral to the deliberate effort to equip students to do the difficult and sustained work of pastoral soul-care.
  • The inculcation of a passion for Gospel outreach to a lost world.
  • Abiding allegiance to the local church as the “pillar and ground” of God’s truth, as well as the fostering of a sense of awe with respect to the high calling of pastoral ministry.
  • The nurturing of a warm and caring sense of family across the seminary; small classes, accessible faculty.

Distinctive Advantages of Studying at Shepherds Seminary

  • Anchored in a dynamic and growing local church which cherishes, complements & supports the ministry of the seminary.
  • Located in a delightful community, ideal for raising a young family, well above the mean as a potential job market.
  • Many fine sister churches within driving distance that provide additional opportunities for meaningful ministry and internships.
  • Low cost of tuition, which allows students to prepare for ministry without amassing debt in the process of that preparation.
  • Features a unique teaching site in Laramie, Wyoming, which provides a full MA in Christian Ministries in one calendar year, which academic effort is accompanied by a deliberate and remarkably effective discipleship and ministry preparation experience.
  • The Israel Initiative: The commitment of STS to provide for its students as part of their seminary experience a study trip to Israel at the school’s expense.

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