10 Reasons to Attend the ACBC’s National Conference

May 12, 2014

10 Reasons to Attend the ACBC’s National Conference

10 Reasons to Attend the ACBC’s National Conference

BCC Staff Note: This blog was originally posted at the Association of Certified Biblical Counselor’s (ACBC) blog site by John Street. It is re-posted here with permission of Dr. Street and the ACBC. You can read the original post at Ten Reasons You Need to Attend the National Conference.

Excitement is building for the National Conference of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors this year and there is good reason. It is the first Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of October (October 6-8, 2014). This is the year to attend this conference even if you have attended in the past, but especially if you have never attended. Why am I so confident? Let me share with you ten clear reasons that make me confident this will be an unforgettably stellar year:

1. The Excellent Local Church Location

The 2014 National Conference is located in Sun Valley, California at Grace Community Church where John MacArthur is the pastor/teacher. Grace Church is highly committed to the sufficiency of the Word of God and practices biblical counseling throughout its various ministries. Dr. MacArthur has told me personally how he is looking forward to having ACBC on the church campus because of our high view of the Word of God. It would be a great encouragement to you to be on the Grace campus and personally see how a church of over 8,000 people practices what ACBC stands for.

2. The Plenary Speakers

The main speakers for the conference this year are renowned throughout the world for their ability to teach and preach God’s Word insightfully. John MacArthur will lead this year’s notable group and will be speaking as an experienced pastor, as president of The Master’s College and Seminary, and president of Grace to You International. Dr. Robert Somerville, who also has several years of pastoral experience, is a member of the ACBC board, and has years of professorial teaching in both graduate and undergraduate counseling programs at The Master’s College and Seminary. Dr. Heath Lambert, a former pastor and now the ACBC Executive Director and professor at Southern Theological Seminary and Boyce College, will present an important challenge. Dr. Dave Powlison will be speaking and is also a gifted teacher. He is a former ACBC board member for many years and is presently the Director of CCEF. As you can see, this is an outstanding year.

3. The Relevant Theme

“The Gospel and Mental Illness” will be our focus throughout the conference. Not only is this topic very fitting for biblical counselors seeking to help people with a variety of disorders, but it is timely because of the renewed interest in the transforming power of the gospel. I am sure you will be challenged to think in many ways you have never thought before in gaining greater insight into working with serious difficulties of the soul.

4. The Critical Workshop Topics and Speakers

This conference is not a basic training conference, even though there will be workshops for attendees who have no training in biblical counseling. This conference is designed for experienced counselors who are seeking greater help in understanding and ministering the Scriptures faithfully and effectively. I recommend you go to the part of this website that lists the breakout sessions and read through the numerous topics. You will discover, as I did, topics and issues that you have not heard addressed before. There is a real sense that this conference breaks new ground. And best of all, these topics are being presented by people who are practicing and experienced counselors. Unlike many counseling conferences today all of our speakers are unashamed of their commitment to the sufficiency and superiority of God’s Word. This naturally leads me to our next reason.

5. Your Need for Continuing Counseling Education

As the biblical counseling movement matures there is an increasing need for ongoing training. When biblical counselors rely on training they received years before, their counseling becomes repetitive and stale.One of the main purposes of our National Conference is to give you a refresher course on counseling. Continuing education is understood to be critical in most disciplines. If this is true in secular disciplines, it is even more important in the discipline of biblical counseling. You and I need to learn how to interpret the Bible better, apply the Bible better, teach the Bible better and counsel the Bible better. You need to stretch yourself and gain some new insights. Remember, Proverbs reminds us that the wise man is not the one who thinks he already knows all he needs to know, he is the one who is continually learning (Proverbs 1:5). Come and learn with us!

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To read reasons 6-10 and the rest of this blog post by John Street, please visit: Ten Reasons You Need to Attend the National Conference.

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